Maintenance Services


 Software and Hardware Maintenance Services


Timely Software maintenance equals long life of your system !

A bad Hardware maintenance can lead to a failure of the system !

Maintenance should be carried out every two years !

We can provide Maintenance Services !

Diagnose and Fix errors, possibly ones found by users.

Increase software maintainability or realiability to prevent problems in the future.

Maintain or Modify the system hardware configuration in order to prevent possible damage and extend the life of your device.




The most Common Problemes




 The most common problems that  maintenance can fix


Registry and Start-up  issues (in the most common situations known as the cause for Slow Operating), Internet connections problems, Instled Programs malfunction (and the list can continue).


Overheating caused by dust and dirt. Clogged vents and CPU cooling fans can keep heat-dissipating air from moving trough the case, and even a thin coating of dust or dirt can rise the temperature of your machine's components.

Loose or Damaged connections! 

HDD unit issues. The HDD is the main storage unit of your machine. In time they get damaged either accidentally by the user or by overheating. Sometimes issues like bad manufacturing or reaching the end of its normal functionally life, could be factors in the deterioration. Knowing the life status of your HDD CAN PREVENT CATASTROPHIC LOSS OF DATA !