There are no costs for you to find out what is wrong with your device.


Once we found out what its wrong with your device, we let you know.

You decide what we should do next. Only if you agree with the diagnostic , your device will be repaired!

We apply the NO FIX, NO FEE policy !


If we ar not able to fix your device, no fee shall apply to you !


In the cases when we can not repair or you don’t whant to be repaired, we will give you back the device in the same way you brought it in.

If you are not happy with our work or have any questions regarding our service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You have 30 days to collect your device !


When the device is repaired, we let you know !


When the device is repaired, we let you know. From that moment you have 30 days to collect

If you fail to collect your device in the 30 days time, then the device will be recycled ,to recover the costs of repair.

Data protection agreement !


Computer Clinic undertakes to comply with all existing regulations.


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